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We're a team of spirited cybersecurity experts, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers proudly headquartered in Miami, Florida with employees across the US. Our mission is to build intelligent software that can help enterprises manage risk.

Cloud security is complex, but we believe the solution doesn’t have to be. Secberus offers a simple, streamlined experience powered by the most advanced technology. With the use of automation, correlation and a simple but unified view, organizations will feel confidence in the cloud today and tomorrow.

We value your time and peace of mind, giving you control of your company’s unique security needs and communicating compliance with efficiency and ease. Cloud security is a rapidly changing landscape, and we know your needs will change with it. Secberus is designed to anticipate and adapt for the future with agility and precision- we’re committed to ongoing innovation.

Our name is the merger of security and Cerberus, the fearsome guard dog of the underworld in ancient Greek mythology who was deeply devoted to his master and his duty. Like him, Secberus is fiercely protective, dedicated to our mission and always here for you.

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Miklos Petravich

Head of Product & Design

Karen Morad

Head of Marketing

Helen Kobzeva

VP, Sales & Channels

Jason Hensley


Fausto Lendeborg

Co-Founder & CEO

Everett Young

Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Matt has 15+ years in the information technology industry. His experience includes department head of Finance, Sales/Business Operations, and Procurement. Matt is passionate about helping companies grow.

Matt VanSon

Sales Operations

Audrey is a product design leader with 16 years of experience crafting user-centric digital products & experiences. She studied Digital Media Arts & CS at Michigan State University, & is an avid traveler on a quest to visit every National Park.

Audrey Coxford

Sr UX/UI Designer

Prior to joining Secberus, Brandon filled roles in engineering, QA, and DevOps. He has a BS in IT from Nova Southeastern University and served in the United States Air Force. He enjoys playing and creating video games as well as reading.

Brandon Garner

Software Engineer

Imano has a PHD in computer science with a focus on cybersecurity. He's worked as a security consultant and analyst for multiple organizations and has published several articles on cybersecurity.

Imano Williams

Solution Engineer

Prior to SECBERUS, Avery had worked as the UI Lead at UrbanSDK. Outside of work, she creates new recipes, drawings, and dev tools for games she plays. Her background is in Microbiology via a BS from the University of Florida.

Avery Brown

Front-end Software Engineer

Robert has led multiple Digital Transformation initiatives in billion-dollar enterprises for companies like Kaplan, Adobe, and more. His decades of management/tech experience is now a Secberus asset.

Robert Colvin

Sr Software Engineer

As Team Leader of Business Development, Callahan is actively involved in Finance, Operations, and Product & Market research. Callahan attained his BSBA in Finance from the University of Miami and has one cybersecurity patent.

Callahan Ciriacks

Finance, Operations & BizDev

At SECBERUS, Oldrin focuses on building the scalable web of backend microservices. He studied biomedical and computer engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the University of Miami and has 1 cybersecurity patent.

Oldrin Bataku

Sr Software Engineer

Jack is responsible for driving enterprise sales at SECBERUS. From corporate sales analyst to B2B enterprise sales, Jack has helped companies achieve significant revenue.

Jack Brewer

Account Executive

Duncan is passionate about tech-savvy brands. With a business background, he chose the route of software and specializes in UI/UX and Front end. He also loves to bike, 3d print, cook, game, and design circuits.

Duncan Pierce

Front-end Software Engineer

Angelo is employee #1 at Secberus. He started out as a Security QA engineer & created the first Security & Compliance Policies for Secberus for the major cloud providers we support today. Angelo joined the plaform engineering team in 2020.

Angelo Santana

Software Engineer

Anwar earned a BS in Computer Science from Florida International University. Anwar is a software engineer at SECBERUS. He loves new challenges, learning new programming languages/platforms, and enjoys playing chess in his free time.

Anwar Numa

Software Engineer

Eduardo has experience building full-stack applications in a variety of languages and frameworks. He earned a BA in Mathematics from the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoys listening to the Beatles.

Eduardo Iglesias

Software Engineer

Cole is a Florida Gulf Coast-born software engineer & avid adventurer. He has a B.S. Comp. Sci. from UCF & an AA, Comp. Sci. from Valencia College. He worked in a several startups & tech companies before joining Secberus to lead the Frontend team.

Cole Marsteller

Lead Front-end Software Engineer

Prior to Secberus, Reeann worked at CareCloud & was the UI lead for the development of EHR features. She has a MA from Cologne University of Applied Sciences & an MBA from University of North Florida.

Reeann Hansen

Front-end Software Engineer & UX/UI Design

Felix has 10+ years of experience with every aspect of the software development lifecycle. Prior to Secberus he designed large scale multi-account network infrastructures at Chewy.

Felix Rodriguez

Principal Software Engineer

Clifton leads the Product Engineering team. He has 8 years of industry experience & a Master's degree in Software Engineering from SJSU. Prior to Secberus, he worked at Intel in various teams.

Clifton Francis

Sr Software Engineer

James has experience coding in multiple languages & environments. He studied Computer Science at Texas State University & served in the United States Navy. He enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle in and around Austin.

James Castleberry

Software Engineer

Prior to his role at SECBERUS, Antuan was a Senior Sales account executive at Cujo.ai and Zenedge. Antuan has a background in computer science and enjoys spending his free time cooking, traveling and playing soccer.

Antuan Frayman

Solution Engineer

Chris has 5+ years of experience in leading startup GTM, sales & customer success teams. Previously, he co-founded & led growth for cryptocurrency startup CoinPlan, & has advised dozens of startups.

Chris Daniels

Sales Director

Ryan Whittemore

Board Observer

Yuri Frayman

Board Member

Arjun Ohri


David Bates


Alan Dumas


Barbara Bibas-Montero


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