Take an adaptive, policy-driven approach to your cloud security.

And you may be surprised at how quickly security and acceleration become fast friends. It's possible with our Cloud Security Governance platform. 

We understand enterprise-wide security involves more than security. That’s why we offer a platform solution that lets you establish and maintain a baseline for your compliance, financial, operational, development and security cloud postures. You get a powerful workflow engine tied directly to the policies that drive the business. 

And cloud architects everywhere can now deploy adaptable, context-aware policy-as-code to validate the controls across any IaaS/PaaS, IaC and/or CaC. The added benefit to this approach? Elimination of false positives.

The CAPA-Driven Governance Platform

Secberus is an Enterprise Governance Platform with an embedded Continuous Adaptive Policy Assessment (CAPA) framework at its core. With this approach, you can establish a policy baseline that is risk-driven, adaptable, and scalable. The adaptable policies become the single source of truth for each pillar of governance across clouds and business units.

How adopting a Policy-first Governance Platform will help you gain confidence in your cloud.


Establish a policy baseline for security, compliance, and operations that is tailored to cloud and your business with out-of-the-box extensible policies or create your own.


Adjust your risk appetite for policy violations in accordance with your evolving cloud strategy and automate control remediation workflows.


Appropriately enforce your policies across all your environments and business units from pre-deployment to production through a single pane of glass.


Report, track, and verify policies, controls, and workflows across all your environments with complete, real-time visibility.

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We support most technologies, integrations, and compliances

New supported services are continuously being added to enable governance of the most complex use cases. Reach out today to see why the Secberus policy-first approach is delivering confidence in the cloud.

"Secberus is solving one of the biggest causes of cloud security incidents with a policy-driven approach to managing configurations. I'm excited to join the board and work with the leadership team. We have a tremendous opportunity to help more enterprises confidently adopt and scale in the cloud."

Sherry Ryan
Former CISO, Juniper Networks

"Every company that cares about security risk needs this [Secberus] yesterday."

Robert Colvin
Former VP of IT, ClaimRuler

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