An adaptable security platform for your dynamic cloud

In the ever-changing world of cloud infrastructure, the modern enterprise requires an adaptive, risk-driven approach to manage security at scale.


Secberus is the cloud security posture management platform (CSPM) with an embedded Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessments (CARTA) approach at its core. With this approach, multi-cloud enterprises can reduce cloud breach risk by 80%.

How adopting a Policy-First CSPM will help you secure your cloud


Establish a security baseline – your risk appetite – that is customized to your cloud and your business


Adjust your risk appetite in accordance with your evolving strategy. Automate your risk mitigation workflows.


Enforce your Security Strategy and Compliance Requirements across all your environments from pre-deployment to production through a single pane of glass.

Gain confidence in your Cloud Security Posture

Reduce cloud misconfigurations by up to 80%

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"Every company that cares about security risk needs this [Secberus] yesterday."

Robert Colvin
VP of IT, ClaimRuler

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