Adaptive Governance with CAPA

With a CAPA framework, Cloud Architects create policies and remediation workflows based on risk, trust, and strategy, which are continuously assessed and adapted to context.


At the blistering speed of cloud resource deployment to support the demand for ever-changing products and features, static policies lead to an overwhelming number of false positives and inevitably, alert fatigue. With a CAPA approach, policies and remediation workflows are created based on risk and trust which are continuously assessed and adjusted to adapt to changing requirements and risk appetite.
This adaptive security framework enables policies to become much more fine-grained, with significantly more context-aware response automation. The security baseline of the business adapts in line with its policies, remediation workflows are more efficient, and risk never shifts from security to availability.

Continuously Adapting with CAPA

Adaptive Assessment Automation

CAPA-driven policies provide a true baseline, one that is continuously realigned with the exact and current specifications of your business requirements and risk appetite. Security policies follow the continuous adaptive risk and trust (CARTA) framework which can reduce cloud misconfigurations by 80%.

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Adaptive Response Automation

As policies are assessed and refined, false positives and investigation time are significantly reduced and remediation workflows can be automated based on risk appetite.

Adaptive Prevention Automation

Don’t “shift left”, “expand left.” Ensure policy adherence in your production environments and your pre-deployment with a single, adaptable policy that governs across all clouds and templates.

Adaptive Gap Analysis & Risk Measurement

Set one baseline for the entire organization or different baselines for different organizational or business units. Deviation from the baseline can now be measured accurately because all policies are aligned with risk appetite and operational strategy. Know exactly where your greatest risks exist and communicate them effectively.

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