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Public Cloud Security

Assisted Remediation

Which alert is most mission-critical? How long has a misconfiguration been active?

How do you start?

SECBERUS helps security teams remediate cloud misconfigurations with one-click, auto-generated remediation plans. Intelligent risk prioritization and custom asset weighting powers auto-generated remediation plans so security teams can solve the most critical misconfiguration first.

With a clear plan for cloud risk mitigation, security teams can save time and reduce cloud risk.

Auto-Generated Remediation Plans

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The End of Alert Fatigue

Strategic Risk Prioritization

Security teams are inundated with alerts from multiple security systems, which leads to alert fatigue. How can security leaders improve remediation efficiency that leads to comprehensive security?

SECBERUS uses a risk prioritization process to find, assess and suggest the most critical misconfiguration threats to remediate first.

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Communicate Risk Clearly

Comprehensive Cloud Risk Score

A question security leaders constantly face:

"How vulnerable are we?"

How can security teams, executives and independent stakeholders communicate cloud risk? Some organizations use out dated spreadsheets or quarterly KPI meetings. These stagnant methods only provide a snapshot of cloud security.

Security leaders deserve a continuous assessment that can communicate risk clearly throughout an organization.

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Customize to Scale Securely

One size fits all security does not work for dynamic, scaling organizations. Security systems must be able to adapt to the speed of development.

SECBERUS' Custom Rules Engine allows security professionals to create new rules and policies that can apply to just one or many cloud accounts.

Build Multi-Cloud Rules & Policies in Seconds

You know your infrastructure the best, so why hire an outside consultant to tailor your security system?

Easily prioritize assets with tailored weighting. Make sure the most sensitive data gets the protection it deserves.

Customize Asset Weightings for Tailored Security

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Through 2024, workloads that leverage the programmability of cloud infrastructure to improve security protection will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those of traditional data centers.
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