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Continuous Compliance

Avoid the "Compliance Catch-Up"

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

For many organizations compliance is a dizzying cycle of audit sprints, one-time patches and inevitable drift out of compliance.

To compound the problem, cloud environments are constantly changing. What was compliant last quarter might not be now - but how can you know?

SECBERUS' Continuous Compliance Monitoring makes routine audits & on-the-spot compliance checks painless. Stop the last minute "all-hands-on-deck" approach to compliance.

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Compliance Posture with One-Click

On-Demand, Interactive Reporting

Whether yearly audits or a bespoke report minutes before a meeting, security leaders need up to date reports.

With SECBERUS, leaders can create role-based reports for any situation. Powered by real-time data, reports are interactive and dynamic.

Security leaders can easily create custom, interactive reporting dashboards to keep key stakeholders up to date.

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Compliance Built-In

Public clouds have allowed development to move faster than ever. This means security and compliance must adapt to new speeds.

SECBERUS comes with common data & security standards built-in so you can skip the painstaking hours reading policy documentation and creating rules.

Out-of-the-Box Standards

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Track Compliance Metrics

View Historical Performance

How compliant were you last month?

How about today? How would you know?

With SECBERUS historical compliance performance, security and compliance teams can demonstrate continuous compliance to third parties.

Security managers can identify trends, allocate resources, and report on compliance.

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Through 2024, organizations implementing a CSPM offering and extending this into development will reduce cloud-related security incidents due to misconfiguration by 80%.
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