A Policy-First CSPM

Secberus is the CSPM that helps you systematically assess, respond, adapt and prevent cloud risk at enterprise scale.

Connect Your Environments

Onboard in minutes. Ensure security from pre-deployment to production, so you can remediate and prevent misconfigurations.

Create Baseline According to Risk Appetite

Govern your multi-cloud presence across OUs, BUs, or the entire enterprise by choosing out-of-the-box policies or creating your own. Adjust your policies by editing and adding new policies with the Custom Rules Engine. Eliminate false positives & alert fatigue.

Enable Compliance Standard Monitoring

Select the out-of-the-box regulation frameworks you need to monitor required controls. Start auditing your infrastructure immediately.

Automate Remediation Workflows

Integrate your remediation workflow tools and automate how policy violations are managed and remediated. Automatically adjust workflows as Policies adapt to new business and security requirements.

An unified security view for an entire organization

Manage your cloud security and compliance through a single pane of glass, leveraging Secberus' policy-first CSPM platform. Secberus is the CSPM with an embedded continuous assessment of risk and trust framework that enables you to assess, respond, adapt, and prevent cloud risk at enterprise scale.

Gain confidence in the cloud

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