Remediation Recommendations

Optimize your DevOps team with clear, actionable remediation recommendations that take the guesswork out of remediation.

Since over 80% of cloud failures are due to human error, security leaders should leverage intelligent tools whenever possible to remove human error, bias, and risk from the security strategy.

DevOps engineers are not necessarily security engineers, yet most companies rely on their DevOps teams to make pivotal security decisions everyday. SECBERUS removes the risk of human error from remediation by providing DevOps engineers strategic remediation prioritized by the most critical security vulnerability.

With clear steps, DevOps engineers can spend more time actually remediating misconfigurations and less time researching how to remediate specific misconfigurations.

Remediate the most threatening cloud misconfiguration now

Optimize your DevOps team and make each engineer an expert

Remediate more with less engineering resources to avoid additional costs


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