Intelligent Alerting

Eliminate investigation time & "alert fatigue" with SECBERUS risk-prioritized alerting. Remediate the most imperative misconfiguration first.

The first generation of cloud security & compliance monitoring tools provided visibility, but introduced alert fatigue.

Alert fatigue cripples security and DevOps teams forcing them to spend hours each day investigating thousands of "critical" alerts to cherry-pick those misconfigurations they deem most critical. This introduces bias into the remediation process and causes the easiest misconfigurations to be remediated first, instead of the most threatening.

SECBERUS has a simple vision - to help you remediate the most threatening vulnerability now. Our Cumulus Risk Engine powers this intelligent alerting and strategic remediation within our platform.

SOC 2 compliance audit coming up? Create a remediation plan for SOC 2 specific policies in just on click.

Focusing on just one cloud environment this week? Easily prioritize alerts from that cloud into a remediation plan.

Cut Investigation Time to 0.00 with Strategic, Auto-Remediation Plans

Customizable Notifications Engine Brings Only the Alerts You Need to Your Inbox

API Integrations for Comprehensive Cloud Alerting [Coming]

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