Chris Daniels
Oct 6, 2019

SECBERUS Expands Operations to Silicon Valley, Delivering Confidence in the Cloud to Enterprises

SECBERUS, a Miami-based cloud security company, expands its operations to Silicon Valley to work with Fortune 500 companies

SECBERUS, a Miami-based cloud security company, expands its operations to Silicon Valley to work with Fortune 500 companies looking to adopt cloud security posture management technology.

In August, PlugAndPlay Tech Center selected SECBERUS to be part of Batch 4 of its Cybersecurity Accelerator Program, giving the company direct access to PlugAndPlay’s corporate innovation partners and accelerating innovation.

PlugAndPlay's Cybersecurity Ventures Team investor, Rohit Gupta, said the following regarding SECBERUS' expansion to the West Coast:

"We are excited to have SECBERUS in Batch 4 as cloud security is the #1 cybersecurity concern of our corporate partners." - Rohit Gupta, Cybersecurity Venture Team Investor, PlugAndPlay Tech Center

SECBERUS continues to develop cloud security technology that is customizable to scale, giving CISOs the flexibility to build and implement a tailored security strategy.

"I see a world where every CISO’s cloud security strategy can be implemented using SECBERUS' customizable technology." - Fausto Lendeborg, CEO & Co-Founder, SECBERUS

SECBERUS looks forward to expanding its presence in the Bay Area, where the company plans to grow its engineering team to continue developing unparalleled cloud security technology. If you are interested in a demo, please click here.


Secberus is the CSPM that provides an adaptable, risk-driven approach to enterprise cloud security & compliance. Enterprise cybersecurity, compliance, & governance teams use Secberus to manage cloud risk at scale through its risk-driven, adaptable, & scalable technology. By using Secberus to implement a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) strategy, enterprises can build business-critical applications faster, more securely, & more compliant than ever before. Secberus was founded by successful cloud security entrepreneurs with experience building cybersecurity technology used by Fortune 500 companies across the world. Secberus aims to deliver confidence in the cloud, today & tomorrow.

Aug 3, 2021

Healthcare and the Cloud: a conversation with GSK and Secberus on how to build best-in-breed security architecture.

Secberus CEO Fausto Lendeborg, and Edmond Mack, VP of Security Architecture at GSK, discuss their partnership and share the key factors in their collaboration as Secberus strives to help GSK build a scalable, best-in-breed security architecture.

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Secberus launches industry’s only policy-first security enterprise governance platform on Reynen Court Solution Store

“As Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments move their computing infrastructures to virtual private clouds, their need to provide appropriate data security and compliance oversight continues,” said Lodewijk Bonebakker, Chief Operating & Security Officer at Reynen Court.

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